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Unlocking the Mysteries of Science

in vitro cancer models testing of anti-cancer  Nanoparticle formulations

Efficacy of many chemotherapies remains limited due to low specificity and absorbance in the target tissue. In our lab, we formulate various nanoparticles aimed at improving the treatments' effectiveness and test them on 2D and 3D cancer models.

SEM of FaDu cells  spheroid .jpg

Prediction of self assembly

We still have only a very limited understanding of most aspects about our planet. Answering questions about this is essential for understanding the mechanistic role it plays on other scientific processes, and for developing tools to further explore this research avenue with more sensitive measurements and improved data collection.

Prediction of drug-dye self assembly

In an effort to gain a better understanding of the world around us, we have recently begun to use a new technique to investigate the organization and functionality of the diverse parts of our experimental model. We are currently looking to expand this work by collaborating with other labs who have the facilities and prior experience to investigate this project further.
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